Mbabane Alliance Church is a relevant church with relevant leadership in the 21st century and beyond. People in MBAC Leadership champion the vision and mission of the church:

  • Make it the basis of all ministry plans, strategies and tactics;
  • Get it in front of people;
  • Live the vision personally;
  • Compliment the services of the Pastor;
  • Stand and agree with the Pastor (build unity);
  • Ensure that Church programmes are balanced.

  1. SAVED PEOPLE: God’s work is a heavenly work on Earth, people who do it must be known in Heaven. Eph. 2:5,8.
  2. SPIRIT FILLED PEOPLE: COMMITTEE members MUST be willing to stretch themselves even beyond their abilities at all costs for the success of God’s work.
  3. MATURING PEOPLE: COMMITTEE members must show signs of developing and advancing in the Lord continuously. Heb. 5:14.
  4. DISCIPLINED PEOPLE: COMMITTEE members are people who should be steadfast, submissive and understanding in what they do.
  5. DISCERNING PEOPLE: COMMITTEE members should be able to think systematically, examine presupposition, detect definition of terminologies and learn to balance extremes. Heb. 5:14.

  1. COMMITTEES are appointed to serve the Church in any area of need that might arise.
  2. COMMITTEES are called to a supportive role in the spiritual ministry of the Church.
  3. COMMITTEES are elected to assist in the administration of the local Church.
  4. COMMITTEES are elected to work as shock absorbers (protect the congregation from abuse by Pastor, i.e., over-milking, starving, overuse of power).


The MBAC Leadership Structure can be defined in four-folds:

  1. Local Church Leadership;
  2. Service Leadership;
  3. Works Leadership;
  4. Support Structures.


The Pastoral Office, led by the Senior Pastor, is compromised of Pastor(s), Children Ministry Pastor(s), and lay-preachers of Mbabane Alliance Church. The office is overarching in ALL the leadership structures, providing advice and guidance towards attaining the MISSION, VISION, STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES and SPIRITUAL OBJECTIVES of the church.

The office is primarily for leading the church in pulpit ministry, delivering the direction, vision, equipping teachings for the works of service and offering counseling and advice (spiritual, social, emotional and marital).

The office is supported by the team of Administration Secretary, Accountant and Personal Assistant, who work closely with the Local Church Board (LCB) through the Senior Pastor. The Senior Pastor also sits in the LCB meetings as an ex officio member.